A fairy-tale about a princess in search for her love
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Once a very long time ago - in a world yet very close to God - there was a very loving king. he had many many sons, all strong and loving like the father. the youngest of his many children however was a very cute and very pretty little girl. that girl was so beautiful that even herself she knew very well how beautiful she was and she loved and enjoyed to be adored and admired by all, specially by young men.
as she grew older, she became even more beautiful and attractive and was very proud of her beauty and of her royal origin. by the age of 14 she started to be interested in finding a partner and many rich and influential men courted her. princes, business men and other influential young men tried to win her heart. she had no interest in all of them - she was looking for something better, without knowing exactly what kind of man she wanted --- rich, strong, powerful, mighty, cleanly and well dressed and well behaving to her taste.
Fantasy Graphics and Scraps
she played with the heart of many of them without ever falling in love or having any serious intentions of making them happy and becoming their bride for life. her heart was far too occupied enjoying her very own beauty and popularity.
one by one all her very loving, strong and hard working brothers found a pretty and loving wife and all started to care for their country and people and cared for the well-being of all. her sisters too - all found a husband and enjoyed true loving happiness in their families.
one day the princess asked her father - the king - "daddy, where is the prince that makes my heart as happy and me smiling all the times as all my sisters in law are ?" "... they all are very much in love every day and very happy each day - all together !"
the king, who was in deep true divine love with his wife, revealed to his very sexy and female looking angel daughter: "our heavenly father sometimes has different plans from what we expect". "all his plans are made of love only and sometimes are kept very secret to us until we can perceive them in our heart of true divine love. YOU may find your husband when YOU have learned to love all our people. the richest ones and the poorest ones, the business men as well as all farmers working hard in he fields to provide food for all of us - as well as all their children. the beggars in the streets as well as all ill ones and suffering ones for whatever reason they are ill or suffering. when you have shared all I gave you with all of them - then and only then shall you find your husband in love with you." the husband prepared for you has many homes and no home at all. his home is the heart of all - of all poorest ones and ill ones or all lost ones and all lonely ones. but he has neither temple nor house until he is with you for ever - until then he is here and there and everywhere, where ever people need love or help. always waiting for you to join him and to share all your love with him and all people"
the princess asked her father "but why is he hiding and running away from me ? why isn't he courting me here in my temple like all others and asking me to be his wife? doesn't he love me like so many others"
the king answered: "one day a very long time he asked for a very beautiful wife - beautiful in her body of course - BUT beautiful in her heart above all. he asked for a wife who can love ALL and take care of all like a true Goddess and to be always at his side when he takes care of all those calling for help in their hearts. he asked for a wife who always knows the inside of all hearts and wants to make all happy with her angel love. to be like a guardian angel for all - for ever and ever !
the princess asked her father again: "daddy, how long do i have to wait until i find him - tell me please where i can find him" and the king answered with his loving voice: "if you wait - you may have to wait eternity and never find him - if you love you find him one day, if you love with all the power of your little princess heart you find him much sooner - if you love ALL with all your love - then you find him instantly."
the pretty princess was surprised to receive no other help from her beloved father -
loving all to find my husband ... ??
why all ? - I want one husband only ...
he has no temple - may be he has no gold as well
where is my husband ??
how can i find a loving husband - a truly rich and mighty one ?
such and many other thoughts went through her mind ... for years - many years ... until these days ...
until these very day this story has no happy-end - to learn to love sometimes takes a long time. rich is who has but love to give - mighty is who has conquered his ego and turned his selfishness into true love for all.
 Fantasy Graphics and Scraps
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