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Good afternoon, how are you doing and how is business and family? Hope you all are fine and healthy?
Am Jeffery Anthony, I am contacting you because of the recent situations concerning we the US and NATO military officers serving here in Afghanistan. We have lost men and women in several battles, but am not complaining because this is the course I have chose, but there are times in life when one has to call his or her self in order to make or take some drastic and effective decisions which is called the DECISION TAKING TIME (DTT).
We are always on special patrols in the night, day and at dawn combating crimes and valuable items are recovered from the invasion of conflict zones including arms and cash which are taking to our confiscation warehouse under NATO and UN. This is never our look at because our mission, aim and assignment here is to fight and track down terrorist and for peace keeping. And when we were enlisted or joining the military we were told categorically that our families back home will be well taken care of because you never can predict who is coming back home safely, maimed,leaping or what ever.
All we need is the benefits which is the right and privilege of our family back home. Their families where suppose to be paid their entitlements but instead the US, German, UK government and so on are confiscate the money and publishing rubbish to the general public. I'll be much obliged to elucidate more to you as soon as i get your response.
Expecting to hear from you so that we can proceed. Before then, take care. Cheers.
Capt.Jeffery Anthony.