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Observing Life and Death on the 


Michael was driving to work happily. In his driving path he saw a little squirrel jumping from one side of the street and quickly running towards the other side. The squirrel did not stop when a middle-sized red car was coming.

The squirrel tried to run away from the car as soon as possible. But it was too late. The car run over the squirrel.

The squirrel seemed dead from Michael's perspective, when he was about 20 meters away from the "action."

It is interesting to notice the thoughts coming in that moment and after the "action" was over in Michael's psyche.

Michael realized: "Everything was so quick. I didn't have the time to think. But after the fact, many thoughts entered my mind.
What about if the squirrel is still alive?
Why that driver did not use his horn to stop the squirrel?
How is it possible for such a squirrel not to see an upcoming car?"

Michael wasn't able to realize how his mood changed at that time. He became depressed in a few seconds. He became a "philosopher of life" trying to figure out the "reason" for that incident and why God allowed such a cute little animal to be killed in such a hideous way.

Michael accelerated his car and passed the person driving that red car. He wanted to see him.
The driver was an old individual. He looked all tensed up, holding the driving wheel with both hands and leaning towards it. He had a bad posture.

That individual probably does not even know about that squirrel!

End result:
The driver is gone from the scene. The squirrel is gone from this physical existence. Michael, the observer; is completely angry and depressed… even though he was not involved in this incident.

In life, we are always observers. Things happen and there are no evident "reasons" for them to occur.

We could say: "I think this is the reason why that happened."
Ok. If others agree, then that becomes the official "reason."
So what? :-)

Michael observed life. Michael could have acted in other ways. That is his "choice."
However, Michael was influenced by the scene. He lost his happiness.

Question: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that Michael should be a robot and just live life without feeling anything?

Answer: No. Michael could feel happiness. If that is who he is. That happiness is not related with whatever happens "out there," otherwise; he cannot be happy.

Question: Yes.. I understand. But… I cannot try to cut myself off from "others" just like that. I need to practice…

Answer: No… You don't. This is just a change of consciousness based on being aware of the Totality of life.
Question: It doesn't make any sense…
Answer: That is right. It will not. Consciousness is not a "logical reason."

Your Divine Friend 

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Daily Positive Thoughts: April 18, 2014: Believe Nothing


Believe Nothing

It is much easier to believe that it's snowing, than to experience the snow.  If you just believe, you can stay inside, stay warm and avoid the cold.  That's why people are led up the garden path by others beliefs.  It's easier and warmer.  In the context of your spiritual or personal growth, believe nothing, experiment and test everything in the laboratory of your own experience.  Only then will you be able to separate truth from falsehood, reality from illusion, and lead others with integrity.


A Wise Charioteer



The charioteer has been shown on the chariot, holding the reins of the 5 horses. The horses are mischievous and adventurous they will lead the chariot and the charioteer astray if left to their own devices.

They are the greatest companions for the charioteer and allow him to move forward at great speed. However, if these same companions are distracted and influenced by enemy tactics, then the charioteer is at risk of also being deluded into making the wrong move and becoming trapped.

I the soul am the charioteer sitting in this body. The five horses represent the 5 senses: to hear, to see, to taste, to smell and to touch. These are my great companions. They are a part of the body, the chariot; they are separate from the charioteer, the soul.
However the senses can be pulled and influenced in all directions. The job of the charioteer is to direct them and not be influenced himself. To use them but not to become enslaved to them and the information they supply.

With these under full control the charioteer is able to withstand all challenges that come in his path and move with great wisdom.

Be a wise charioteer.


The Mental Kaleidoscope (cont.)

We are so used to controlling people and situations to obtain a particular result that we have forgotten how to use the power of faith. 

The Law of Faith says - 'Plant the right seeds, make the right effort, but also let things be.' Faith does not mean to be passive (inactive) but rather to have acted and thought about something and then have the patience and trust that the Drama of Life is also taking care of it; the outcome of any action is not just up to me.

In Raja Yoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris, we often hear the term - a consciousness full of faith is victorious. As the Drama of Life turns, such an intellect works like a kaleidoscope and can perceive and see the often hidden, beautiful patterns in life's situations that, in time, become visible and benevolent. 

Success, or victory, depends as much on doing the task with the right intention, as it does on allowing things to take their own course. Wisdom is an awareness of this balance.


Soul Sustenance 

Becoming Responsible For My Destiny 

These are examples of some of the inner questions that emerge in our minds from time to time: 

* Why is she rich and successful and I am not? * Why did he behave in that way with me; I've always behaved well with him. * Why does that one have easy success in life and the other, however hard he tries, fails at every step? * Why is he nice natured but is born blind and the other ill natured but has no health problems at all? * Why does she suffer so much? * She is so sweet, but yet everyone disrespects her. * Why did that child die at such a young age? She was so innocent. * Why did I get married to such a person? * Why am I here? * How is that student in my class so intelligent? 

There are lot more questions like these that trouble us. In the case of sorrows, it is seen more than the sorrow, it is the question - why this sorrow exists in my life that troubles us. Why? What? How? When? Even so, they all have only one answer: karma. 

I don't need to go into minute details of each situation. If I see that nothing can happen without having had a justified cause in my past or in that of others, life becomes much easier to face, with responsibility and the power of courage. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 

Real progress can be experienced when we are faced with obstacles. 

Projection: When faced with obstacles in our path, we usually tend to have negative feelings. We either experience fear or irritation and we don't enjoy the work anymore, our total focus being on the result. We only wait for the outcome not really bothered about enjoying the effort that we need to put in. 

Solution: When we are encountered with a difficult situation, instead of seeing it as an obstacle, we need to see it as an opportunity to evaluate ourselves and see where we stand. We can then use this understanding to bring improvement in ourselves. When we constantly work on ourselves in this way, we will never stop when faced with obstacles, but will experience constant progress in our life. 




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