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Mission and Purpose in life

Mission is our destiny. It is what some people could read in the palms of our hands. It is what the position of the stars may signal at the moment that "we" manifested in the physical world.

As we can see our being manifests something in life-like a piece in a big jigsaw puzzle. Our mission is what has been already "written" and goes beyond any human interpretation.

For example, Bill Gates is a multimillionaire. Do we think that his mission in life is to "make money"? :-)
Obviously that is just a very childish appreciation of his mission in life. Any of us could "guess," think or have a "point of view," but none of us is capable of knowing how his mission in life relates with other beings and life for something greater to happen. Just like the domino effect.

We discover our mission in life as we live life.

On the other hand, "purpose in life" is another made up word by great thinkers, philosophers and such.
There is no purpose in life unless we make up something like: "To help people," "to help God," "to help ourselves," "to learn," etc. Notice that as long as Avyakt7 uses "nice words" to describe a "purpose" then most individuals will like that. They will accept it.
However, these writings are the expression of going beyond the façade of "nice beliefs," and "pretty words" and seeking acceptance.

We make up a purpose in life and we believe that this purpose is the "reason" why we are here. See? Even we believe that giving "reasons" is the way that life operates… :-)

When we see that we are part of the Totality, of the big jigsaw puzzle, to know the "self" becomes very important.
Because that is needed for bringing joy to our lives. In one word: Enjoyment.

Let us say that "piece 666" of the jigsaw puzzle "thinks" that it has a "purpose" in life. "Piece 666" will go out of its way to "achieve" that "purpose," not realizing that its destiny is to fit in nicely into the jigsaw puzzle along piece 667 and 665 and others…. Just to be "ONE."

Because "piece 666" does not realize about its mission in life, that piece will suffer when expectations are not met.

Obviously, if piece 666 spends sometime in looking at "itself," that is its shape, form, size, thickness, etc… while enjoying those specific dimensions and seeing the way to fit into the "common good," then life will do the rest; that is, to get the other pieces around, magically… because those pieces fit right at a particular time. This is what we call through the "will of God," or through "Life unforeseen circumstances."

A purpose is something that we think about when we do not realize that there is a mission underneath.

Therefore, happiness is not the "purpose of life."
That is a thought… a "nice" thought.
Happiness is the enjoyment of the "now" while seeing our mission in life unfold. Just like a "detached observer." :-)

Please see that "I am not doing anything," "I am not making it happen…" as most "Life-coaches" would like us to believe. I am just opening up and enjoying what it is " now" to let new things to happen by itself. That is, we trust the intelligence in life.

Of course, some may not be happy with that. Some may want to change and shape up life according to what "I want." We could name that disease with a pretty label: " being the master of my own destiny."

"You" are not separated form the Totality.
"You" as separation is an illusion and so is "I."
Through our thoughts we have created those personalities. We have given life to that "ego."

Piece 666 cannot live apart form the jigsaw puzzle. Without it, Piece 666 is nothing…. When that "ego" is gone, then Piece 666 is no longer piece 666 but … the whole jigsaw puzzle itself… then "it" is truly something... :-) :-)

Your Divine Friend 

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Daily Positive Thoughts: May 02, 2014: Be Awe – full



A walk at the Port of Symi Island, Greece

Be Awe – full

Look out on life with amazement, not shock. The variety, the diversity, the manner of every person, the beauty amidst the drudgery, the contrasts, the opportunities, the heroism in the lives of ordinary people, your gifts, your talents, your friends - even just one friend - is all awesome. Live in awe, and entertain wonder, and you will be knocking on the door of true love. Don't kill it with cynicism or criticism; don't sabotage your life with moaning and complaining. Open the eyes in your head and the eye in your intellect and choose to see the stunning, awesome, diverse beauty of life happening around you right now. Meet it with your heart and you will enrich and be enriched in one single moment.


Going with the flow

Everything that comes to us, comes to us to pass on. Not just the money
in our pocket, but wisdom, objects, ideas, even opportunities, all come
to us, so that, at the right moment, we can pass them on. This is
called flow. Being in the flow means being aware that the river of life
is flowing to us at every moment. It means accepting whatever comes and
putting it to good use, before passing it on. Going with the flow means
allowing whatever comes to move on freely, without holding on in any
way. If we do not pass on, we are trying to block the flow, and that's
when we feel pressure in our life. Pressure is always self-inflicted.
Every time you feel 'under pressure' look at what you need to release
and to pass on to someone else. Once you do you can ...relax...again.




Shedding Off The Attachment To A Positive Past

A very powerful mis-identification (incorrect identification) that each one of us indulges in, to different extents, is identifying with our positive or glorious actions of the past. This identification is so strong that almost every day it comes to the surface of our consciousness when we switch on the movie of this story of these actions on the screen of our minds. By rehearsing this story repeatedly we love experiencing the same emotions and feelings that we felt at that time, emotions that we had enjoyed very much. We not only re-experience that pleasure but we also love to share the pleasure by persuading others to see that movie by broadcasting that movie in front of whoever we come across. This is normally done in the form of words by speaking about our professional or personal achievements, our educational qualifications, our experiences, actions for which we gained recognition, our history, etc., all a thing of the past. But this is not talking about the real self, this is just a story, thus it is a false identification with something we are not. Every time we indulge in this type of identification, we strengthen the incorrect belief that we are talking about our self. We believe the past is us. This is the incorrect identification.

If someone were to ask us to describe ourselves in a few words, instead of talking with humility about our spiritual self, our virtues, powers, strengths, etc., which is the real self, we quickly mention all of the above features of our past, thinking this will give the other an impression of our credibility. Even when we communicate with people over email or some other mediums, we are quick to mention all these things in our signature, etc. believing this is our story and portraying that we are in love with it and other people should identify us with this story as we do and love us for the same. To remember and identify with any memory of action that we created yesterday is to identify with what we do. And we are not what we do.

(To be continued tomorrow ...)


Soul Sustenance

Understanding Anger

What is anger and why does it happen? It's simple. Anger is a response to someone who does not do what you want them to do, or who does do what you do not want them to do. That someone could be one individual or a group of individuals. It could also be something, where a certain situation has not happened the way you wanted, needed or expected it to. As we watch the world events we become angry at the actions of one nation towards another, one group towards another, a few towards many, and many towards one etc. This is because a) we are attached to the way things are b) we identify with the pain experienced by one side and feel that pain ourselves (in fact we create it in sympathy) and our response is to become upset. Anger is the emotion. What we do not see and realize is that we only hurt ourselves, and we cannot help others who are suffering from their own anger, when we ourselves create anger in response.
Message for the day
The one who is loving is the one who experiences freedom.

Expression: The root of suffering is attachment, because attachment makes one bound.   To be truly free means to learn to love and appreciate while remaining independent.  Others' state of mind or task does not negatively influence one's own responses to the outside environment.  There is the ability to be free and express one's own specialities without being coloured.

Experience: If I cannot keep myself free from attachment I am constantly experiencing suffering.  Because I am attached, I am dependent on someone or something I have created a space for in my mind.   When that person or object is criticized, neglected or not with me, I feel pain in my mind and I experience a sense of loss.  Then I am not able to be loving.

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 `Koi Apna Nahin Banta-2`

Tamam Umr Ki Khushiya'n
Mohabbat Ki Sabhi Ghariya'n
Kisi Ko Daan Karney Se
Ke, Uss Pe Maan Karney Se
Koi Apna Nahin Banta…!!!`


 `Akele Ho Gaye Hain..`

Gilay Kaagaz Ki Tarah Hogayi Zindagee Apni
Na Koi Jalata Hai ,Na Pani May Bahata Hai
Is Kadar Akele Ho Gaye Hain
Aaj Kal Koi Satata bhi Nahi
Aur Koi Manata Bhi Nahi...`