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A rich person is not someone who has more, but someone who desires less.
Inner Treasures

The one who is aware of what he has attained is free from desires. He
is able to recognize what he has and use it for one's own benefit and
the benefit of others too. He is able to give without expecting from
others i.e., he is able to give unconditionally. When I am constantly
in touch with my own inner treasures I am able to experience the
richness and beauty of life. I experience contentment and satisfaction
for what I have. As I continue to use these treasures, I find myself
getting richer and richer with these internal treasures.


Tapping Supreme Guidance (cont.)

In yesterday's message, we had discussed how no human entity can fulfill all the necessary requirements of someone who can guide us correctly in any difficult situation. Thus to proceed in such a situation, it's good to take the guidance from the intellect of someone who fulfills all these criteria. That someone is no one except the Supreme Being or God, who is the entity possessing the most powerful intellect, and intellect with the most perfect judgment power. Sometimes my mind and intellect is absolutely clean and clear and I am 100% sure about my right course of action for the future, but even in those times its good to verify the course of action from a higher authority. So, in those times, it is very important to connect for a few minutes with the Supreme, who is an Energy of Unlimited Truth. Then, the question to ask myself at that time is not what do I want, or what do others want, but most importantly: What does the Supreme want, what is his wish, what is his perception of the situation? The deeper my connection with Him in meditation, the clearer the answer will come.

When it becomes a regular practice, it will be as simple as taking guidance from my physical parent or spouse or friend. I'll know without wasting time and energy, the right course of action. Sometimes it may happen that the answer may not come to me immediately, but by connecting my intellect with the Supreme's intellect my intellect will become clear, which will help me take the right decision. Also, in some cases the Supreme may not respond immediately but may guide me through some other medium, whether living or non-living after some time or even after a day or two.


Soul Sustenance

Do Love And Suffering Go Hand-In-Hand (Part 2)? 

We have the inner belief that love, worry, fear and suffering go together. It is difficult to transform (change) fear until we eliminate that belief. You are love and you need to share that love. Life is a sharing of love, it is loving the body, loving oneself, loving others, loving God, loving nature, loving work. That energy of love in the end purifies us and helps us to go forward. But while the belief exists that love has to be linked to fear and suffering, we will be blocked and will put a brake to the flow of pure love. In the name of love, we worry, we suffer and we are afraid. Instead of helping from a place of freedom in love, we help out of worry and fear, and in doing so we stifle, control, depend, and the other person feels their inner freedom restricted. We do not let them be.

If we review our personal life and see the moments when we have experienced most pain in our lives, we realize that it is with the people we have most loved, and that have most loved us that we have suffered most. We experience pain in a relationship of love, where there is possession, control, submission and dependence. Other times the pain is caused by a loss that generates an inner emptiness. That person filled me, they gave me wholeness, they were the reason for my existence and now they have either left me or they have gone. In the second case, we wouldn't say that they "have died", but rather that they have gone to another level of existence i.e. the soul has taken a new physical costume. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 



Message for the day


To make our promise practical is to benefit at each step. 

Expression: Sometimes we make a lot of promises to ourselves and to others. At such times we are very confident of what we are saying but later find that our promise doesn't come into action. So, that promise gets wasted as we don't take benefit from the intensity of that moment. 

Experience: When we make a promise to bring about a change in ourselves we need to immediately make a practical plan that will help us make the promise real. We also need to make sure we understand why fulfilling that promise is important for us. Along with this we also need to remind ourselves again and again about it till it becomes practical. 

Your Divine Friend 

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 `Why did I love you `

Why did I love you 
With all my heart?
Why did I fall for you
From the start?

Why did you cause me
So much pain?
Why do you stick to my heart
Like a stain that causes so much 

Why couldn't I see
You weren't gonna stay?
Why do I still believe
You were gonna take the pain away?

Why did you play with my heart
Like a game?
Why couldn't you ever
Feel the same?

Why do I sit 
In my room all alone?
Why do I pray
You would call my phone?

Why did you end it
Right after our few weeks?
Why didn't it bother you
When you made my eyes tear?

Why can't I stop thinking of you,
Why can't I say goodbye
Why do I still get jealous
When I see you with another guy?

Why don't you come back in my life
As soon as I do not let go.
Why do I still get butterflies
When you just say hello?

Why can't I forget about you
And put you in the past?
Why does a part of me still believe
That me and you were made to last?


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 `40-3.gif picture in welcome to my page
 'Kahte hai jindagi ek kahani hoti hai'

Kahte hai jindagi ek kahani hoti hai,
Magar hum to ek badnaam kissa banker rah gaye.
Khud ki jindagi ki kahani to likhi nahi,
Auron ki kahani ka ek hissa banker rah gaye.
Har pal uske hothon par hum hansi late rahe,
Uski ek khushi ke liye apni har khusi lutate rahe.
Khud ki hansi to bhool hi gaye hum,
Auron ki khushi ka jariya banker rah gaye.
Kyon ujale ke bina vo jee nahi pata hai,
Kyon andhera vo sah nahi pata hai.
Khud ka ghar jalakar bhi hum,
Auron ki roshni ka jariya banker rah gaye.
Pyar vo bepanah karta hai kisi se,
Kyon khuda chheen leta hai mera pyar mujhi se.
Khud to mohbbat me mil na paye hum dono,
Auron ko milane ka jariya banker rah gaye.``


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Cox & Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
WITH EFFECT FROM May 21st, 2014

The Embassy of India in the USA has awarded the new contract
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May 21st, 2014.

The current Service Provider, BLS International Limited, will be
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20th May, 2014 at all locations in USA.

Applications in person viz. 'walk-in application" will be accepted
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Only Emergency Visa applications will be accepted by BLS till
forenoon of 20th May 2014.

Applications sent through mail upto 13th May 2014 and reaching
the BLS International Ltd. on or before 15th May 2014 will be accepted.

Thereafter, applicants, who propose to send their applications by
mail, may send them, so as to reach offices of the Cox & Kings
Global  Services Pvt. Ltd. at jurisdictional locations on or after
May 21st,2014. It may also be noted that Banker's checks/ Money
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From the 21st of May, 2014 all Visa/OCI/PIO/Renunciation of
Indian Citizenship Certificate application support services will be
provided by the Cox & Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Applicants, who have already submitted their applications to BLS
International Ltd, may check online status of their applications
from BLS International Ltd website till May 20th, 2014. The status
of these Pending applications will be available on the website of
Cox & Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd. from 21st May 2014 and
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The website details and locations of the CKGS offices would be
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