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Daily Positive Thoughts: January 27, 2014Clean and Tidy
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Clean and Tidy


The most important places to keep clean and tidy are my mind and heart. If I allow thoughts to flourish that I wouldn't want to see the light of day, I can never have any real self-respect. By starting each day in quiet reflection and pouring positive, loving thoughts into my mind, I gradually clean out cynicism and unkindness.



Determined Thought


We are good at singing praises of God, about others and about
ourselves. But when we make mistakes or feel incapable of performing
some action, we sing of our weaknesses and failings. This does not help
in removing them. To constantly remind ourselves that we are shy, lazy,
impatient etc is one sure way of staying like that. You must have faith
in yourself that you can do better. Even if everyone gives up on you,
your positive thoughts will help you do better. If everyone thinks you
CAN change, you will not do so unless you yourself have that determined
thought. Within each individual there are strengths and weaknesses, the
balance within each one is different. Know our strengths and
weaknesses, but knowing your trumpet does not mean blowing your own




Radiating Love To The Universe

I sit in a comfortable position... I relax my body...I breathe deeply and let go of tensions...

I centre myself in the present moment... I concentrate my mind... I enter into the space of inner silence... The thoughts diminish and my mind relaxes fully... Now experience the following thoughts:

I am a non-physical being of light, full of love, centered on the forehead... I am a river flowing with love... my source is the Supreme Ocean Of Love, God; whose child I am... I experience myself sitting under his canopy of the light of love... 

I love each part of my physical body which is my vehicle. I relax it... I love each thought that I create, it is my creation... I generate gentle thoughts, tender, relaxing... I feel the energy of love that radiates from within me towards the universe... I, the soul give off love towards what surrounds me... 

I give off love towards other souls... I look at everyone with the consciousness that each one, whatever their temporary nature may be, their innate nature is love... I give my spiritual assistance, my good wishes to them, so that they return back to their original, basic nature, which is love... I give off love towards each molecule of the five elements of nature - earth, wind, water, fire and sky and the planet as a whole. I am love... I channel this love towards everything I think, feel, do and transmit... 

By performing the above meditation and sharing my unlimited treasure of love, I assist the Supreme Father, through my thoughts, in his task of creating a world full of love, where all souls and the nature co-exist in a loveful and peaceful manner...



Soul Sustenance


The Five Spiritual And Five Physical Elements (Part 1) 

There are various ancient teachings in the East including India which describe the five physical elements - earth, air, water, fire and sky as the five pillars of Creation or the building blocks of Creation. These teachings suggest that every particle of the physical Creation is made of these building blocks.


The human body is also made of these five primary elements. These elements need to remain in balance for the Universe to stay in order and the human body to stay in order or good health. Bad health generally means one or more of these elements is out of place. There are various techniques mentioned in these teachings which are used to create this balance, including ancient Indian mantras. The popular ancient Indian Vedic Vaastu science, used by many to build homes even today, also works on creating a balance between these five physical elements. 

According to spiritual principles given by the Supreme Being or the Supreme Soul, in the same way, on a spiritual level, the soul also comprises of five original constituent qualities or building blocks or elements– peace, purity, wisdom (or truth), love and joy. When the soul first comes down from the soul world and starts playing its part on the physical world, there is a complete balance of these five qualities in its personality. 


This is the reason that at the beginning of the world cycle, in the period that we commonly call the Golden Age or Paradise or Satyuga, there is complete happiness, love and peace within the self and even in relationships. The balance of the spiritual elements in the souls, causes the five physical elements earth, air, water, fire and sky also to remain in complete balance; hence in the Golden Age, there is complete physical prosperity and richness; there is no trace of illnesses and natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc.


Due to the double balance, nature is not only in order but very very beautiful. Even the physical bodies are not only healthy but very beautiful. Even the animals and birds are completely full of all virtues and live in absolute love and harmony with each other. So the balance of the five virtues in souls reflects itself not only on a subtle level i.e. in the personalities and interactions but also on a physical level i.e. in the physical bodies, flora (plants) and fauna (animals), nature in general, etc. 

In tomorrow's message, we shall explain the reason for this. 



Message for the day 


Introversion helps us get in touch with our pure, perfect self. 

Expression: Introversion means to spend time in silence, enabling us to get in touch with our pure, perfect self. It helps us to go within and recognize our own inner truth. It is not just to stay within but to recognize one's own inner worth and deal with the world with it. 

Experience: Even during the worst situations, it is necessary to become introverted, look within ourselves and see our own inner worth. We will then naturally be able to maintain our self-respect. This enables us to be stable and happy, whatever the situation might be. 


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