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Daily Positive Thoughts: January 16, 2014Peacemaker



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The first step on my path to becoming a peacemaker is to be at peace with myself. It is only then that I can make peace in the rest of my world.





Silence brings creativity. Every great invention of science or art has
always been in silence. Silence just doesn't mean that we don't talk
or there is no noise. Silence is a beautiful quality of the mind where
we are able to experience the peace that is within. This automatically
brings out the best from within us. It is very important to spend a few
moments each day in solitude. During this time we need to practice
stabilizing ourselves in a single thought of peace. Let the experience
of peace from us flow to others too. During interactions too, let us
redirect out mind to a state of peace. Consistent practice like this
will help us become more and more creative.



Varied Concepts About The Supreme Being or God - cont.

There is an endless variety of human theories and concepts which appear to create confusion and even hatred among people when they are opposed to each other, but ultimately I must ask myself how far "I", the individual, have the experience of His powers and qualities. 

The basis of forming a relationship with anyone is knowledge of who they are, what they look like, where they are from, and what they do. Similarly if I am to have the awareness of myself as a soul, and emerging from that, a close relationship with God, the Supreme Soul, then I must know: 

* Who He is? 
* What His form is or what does He look like? 
* Where He is or where does He reside (stay)?
* What His personality traits or sanskars are? 
* What His acts or karmas are? 
* What is my relationship with Him? 

God is living and real, not a matter of scientific research. It is necessary for me to re-establish a living relationship with Him, on the basis of complete knowledge of Him. My connection should not be based on the fears and superstitions of the past.


Soul Sustenance


Enhancing (Strengthening) Qualities with The Help Of Meditation (Part 2) 

Think and visualize alongside the following words in your mind so that you begin to feel and experience what is being described. Soft music may be played in the background. 


I remove my awareness from my physical body and my surroundings in which I sit and turn my attention inwards... I become aware of many thoughts going through my mind... I look at my thoughts from a detached observer point of view. I watch each thought come and then move on like light clouds in the sky... As I am a witness to my thoughts, their speed of coming and then moving on begins to slow down; my thoughts reduce in number... Gradually, I focus my attention on the idea of peace... I experience an energy wave of peace gently washing over me, removing all anxiety and stress from my mind... There is just peace... my thoughts fade away… In this moment, it is as if ... I ... am ... peace

My mind is now calm and clear - peace becomes a feeling… I experience deep contentment within... I relish the taste of this inner state… I realize, this is my natural state; this is what I like... Having returned to my natural state of peace… I sit for a while, enjoying these feelings of calmness and serenity... I feel that in a short while, I have collected the treasure of peace…

Now I bring in front of the eye of my mind a situation that I very commonly face in my office or at home… I visualize myself maintaining my state of inner peace using the treasure I have just collected and how it is affecting my thoughts, words and actions in the situation... I feel the power of peace helping me and others... I gently repeat the scene in my mind and begin to see how the power of my inner peace gets radiated to others around me through my thoughts, words and actions and then reflected back to me by them... With this feeling of total peace, I gently return back to my awareness of this physical body, of this room.

Practice the above meditation for about 10 minutes at least twice a day.  The best times are in the morning before the day starts and then once again in the night, before going to bed.



Message for the day 


To tighten the loose screw of carelessness is to be powerful.

Expression: The one who is careless is not able to use the powers and the skills that he has. All the positive qualities within are wasted, because the one who is careless is not able to use them in the best possible way. But the one who is able to tighten the loose screw of carelessness is able to recognize and use the potentials that are within. So there is power visible in such a person.


Experience: When I am able to be free from carelessness, I am able to move forward with lightness and happiness.  There is no difficulty of any situations experienced and I do everything to the best of my ability without giving any excuses.  I am able to experience being powerful under all circumstances, as I am the master of the situation. 



Thanks - Always waiting for Positive Thoughts
A well wisher

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Save the Sinking Boat

Do good and forget about it. Do not have grudges in your mind for anyone. Save the sinking boat with the anchor of your pure thoughts. The greatest art is to bring your mind onto this auspicious path. Think good .... Do good.
A Strong Heart
It is so important to experience God's mercy and forge a strong
relationship with God as our Mother. Knowing that a heart that has
been hurt becomes hard, we understand God is the only One who can heal
our hearts. Each one should ask him or herself : "What can I do to
make my heart softer?" There is such a need of mercy. We have to make
our hearts softer and stronger, because a strong heart doesn't
experience pain and we know that if we experience sorrow, we cannot
serve God.
Mental Clarity Or Focus

To strengthen yourself you need to have mental clarity or focus. That is possible if there is not so much of excessive thought, so as to generate clouds of unhappiness, suffering, grief, indecision, doubts and negativity - thoughts that your mind produces, thoughts that are weak, useless or wasteful. All of these thoughts cloud your own clarity. Mental focus means to think less, think concretely, concentrate, think in an elevated way, and your thought will have an energy of clarity and inner strength that will help you to put it into practice with greater success. You should strengthen yourself to achieve a state of self-control. For this, you need to study yourself, know yourself and understand yourself. You need inner silence, for there not to be so much mental chatter (noise) from thinking, thinking, thinking and thinking.

On top of that, other people influence you and so you generate even more thoughts. There are so many influences and inner voices that speak to you. With all of that there cannot be clarity. There is the voice of your fears, of your ego, that of desires and greed, there are influences of the past, thoughts emerging from your values, influences of your neighbors, your children, your husband or wife, your mother or father, the influence of your office colleague's opinion, or your best friend, your doctor, your guru, etc. You can listen to many inner and outer voices and, if you are not strong, your mind weakens under so many influences, which has negative effects on your clarity of mind. Because of all of this you have to strengthen your mind, which means, think less; think slower, concentrated and clear thought; with sense and meaning; of quality, based on a healthy and positive motivation. These thoughts are then like arrows, which have positive strength and clarity.
Soul Sustenance
Crossing Negative Circumstances/Situations (Part 3) 

In order to have a wider perception and not to drown in any negative situation i.e. not to get affected by it, you can position yourself in a positive way. Instead of losing respect for the self and developing a negative consciousness, if you make your consciousness positive and stabilize yourself in respect towards yourself, in maintaining your positive and powerful self-esteem and a healthy distance (not necessarily physical distance, but rather by not letting the situation absorb you), you will be able to have an eagle's vision. From above, everything looks smaller. It is easier to get over something small. You can. "I am a victorious soul" or "I am a destroyer of obstacles" are examples of positive consciousness. 

Whatever happens, it is important to always be aware that you create your thoughts and you allow the situations to have greater or lesser impact inside you, according to how you see them. Learn to create thoughts full of courage, trust and determination. Spirituality and the practice of meditation helps you do just that. Those thoughts, charged with positive energy, will help you to allow each situation to pass; to really overcome it and leave it behind; for it not to remain alive in your thoughts or in your memory. With the power of a mind that creates thoughts full of good energy, wherever you go, you will create a pleasant atmosphere. Your vibrations will create spaces full of beauty, love, trust and peacefulness; spaces where all those who enter will remove their masks and will connect again with their true self. 
Message for the day
To change means to experience progress. 

Expression: Whenever there is a desire to bring about a change, there is also a simultaneous intense feeling to find a change instantly – and fully. Yet this does not always happen. However, true change is that in which there is at least a little change. When there is constant effort put in to be better and to do better, then naturally the best results are visible, even if there is not perfection seen overnight. 

Experience: When I bring about a change constantly, in whatever little way I can, I am able to experience constant progress. I do not have great expectations, but will be satisfied with the little changes that I make and will have the confidence to go on putting in effort. Even with the little results that I attain I will be able to take encouragement constantly. I am thus able to move on towards perfection. 

Your Divine Friend 

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