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<>_<>I'm Sardar and I'm going to Mumbai.<>_<>
A train is on its way to Mumbai when a Sardar in 2nd. Class gets up & moves to the First Class Compartment and sits down

The T C. watches him do this and asks to see his

he then tells the Sardar passenger that he will have to return to 2nd. class compartment
The Sardar replies, 'I'm Sardar fom Punjab, I'm going to Mumbai and I'm staying right here!'

The TC  goes into the Guard Room  and tells the Guard
there is some Sardar sitting in First Class who belongs  to 2nd. class and
won't move back to his seat.

The Guard goes back to the Sardar and tries to explain that because he only paid
for 2nd. class, he is only entitled to a 2nd. class seat and
he will have to return
to his original seat.
 The Sardar replied,"'I'm Sardar fom Punjab, I'm going to Mumbai and I'm staying right here!' 
Exasperated theGuard tells the Station Master that it was no
use and that he probably should have the police waiting when they reach Mumbai to arrest
the Sardar who won't listen to reason.
'You say he's Sardar? I'll handle this, I'm from Punjab, and I speak


The Station Master  goes back to the Sardar, whispers in his ear, and he says,

'Oh I'm sorry - I had no idea', gets up and moves back to his 2nd. Class compartment
The TC  and  the Guard are amazed and asked him what he said to make him
move without any fuss.

The Station Master  replied, 'I told him First Class isn't
going to Mumbai'.


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Unity will change into its opposite, that is variety; for that is the only way for Unity to appear again in "newness."
There is morning, afternoon and night. Two opposite polarities with something in between.
That afternoon in between those 2 extremes, will change. It becomes closer to one extreme and then to the other, little by little.
The above explains how things work in Nature.
Morning time "creates" nighttime. In turn, Nighttime "creates" morning time. That "creation" takes place slowly, gradually in a timely fashion. There is no rush. No one can accelerate that process.
A baby becomes an old person. In between, we have different stages which will be labeled as: teen, youth, adulthood, maturity, etc. Those labels are just concepts which cannot grasp the reality of movement, of continuous change, like an analog watch.
After Spring time, there is Summer, then Fall and then Winter time. There is a sequence. We can conveniently put a beginning and an end to every season; but in "reality," is not like that. It is a continuous flowing. Change.
We cannot ask: which season was first? I mean, we could; but that question is not a proper question for it does not understand something cyclical. If there was a beginning of a season; we couldn't explain how that season appeared there without something before it. That question is illogical. :-)
If we create "Paradise," automatically "Hell" is created. Whoever "created" Paradise then, must have created "Hell," as well. For day cannot exist without night; neither hell without paradise.
We have the concept. If we believe in a concept, we will not be able to grasp the reality which cannot have a name, a label.
Every single thing in life is in movement, changing; therefore, the "4 seasons" apply to everything in life.
The top athlete will become the lowest. It is just a matter of time. If you don't' want to be the lowest; then do not become the top.
Suffering appears when we cling to a particular stage, to a particular season. Then, we cannot see that things will continue to change. That is attachment to a season.
That is why, to hold tight to a particular idea, even though holy; is not the way to evolve; for holiness is not a place to arrive to but rather a continuous, a process which will change. Holy change…. :-)
Ananda discovered that life was a ride with "ups and downs." When life presented him with the opportunity to be at the "top of his game;" Ananda was a happy "little ego." That means: a great paying job, a huge house; many luxury cars and a pretty wife to adorn his fragile but huge ego. Those are the "ups" in life for many "normal" people.
Then one day, things started to change. Ananda was fired from his job; then Ananda lost all his "goodies," and finally his pretty wife and with that his ego was shattered.
That experience could be very painful. When there is no acceptance of the "down" time in life, rejection of what is happening will make things harder, for the only thing in Ananda's mind (a "normal" mind) is to get that "spring time" back when is time to enjoy the "summer."
Life could be like a "roller coaster," with ups and downs. Ego will suffer while "down," but on the other hand, the inner child will enjoy the ride, if allowed to come out. That is his "time." Time to play.
Wisdom teaches us to use the "down" sides as impulse for the next "up" in life. In that way, energy will be preserved and with that we will be prepared with an umbrella in our hands, for the upcoming rainy season.
When we use the knowledge of cyclical time to our advantage, there is always "sun and fun," even when it is raining.
Your Divine Friend
psychology and spiritual counselor 

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“Collect happiness.�
We all experience days when we feel spiritually depleted â€" we feel down, uncared for, unloved. The world is not our oyster today. Yet, like many of our impressions, this too is an illusion. We are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, even though our circumstances may try to persuade otherwise.
This is when we need to the comfort of a “Happy Box.� Take the time to make one for yourself and you will reap the benefits over and over. Fill your box with items that you collect over time: a special card from a favorite relative, your child’s first attempt to write “I love you,� a photo of you and your best friend. The pretty stone you found on vacation, your child’s first tooth, the ribbon off a bunch of flowers from a caring friend; all help you to re-align your spirit and see the world as the wonder that it is.
Your “Happy Box� represents tangible items of the love and joy that are present in your world each and every day. It’s like money in the bank of happiness. Start your account today!
©Jane Powell

Grateful for the new day
How many of us get up in the morning feeling truly grateful for the day? Most of us wish we could turn the clock back and keep sleeping. The truth is, when you are happy to wake up and are grateful for the day, your life does change.

Each new day is an opportunity to pray for your loved ones and to act in a loving manner towards them. I start out by saying my prayer of thanks and asking for guidance and help from all available resources. I find I am always grateful for the new day, no matter how hard it is or will be, because I know I am not ready for my days to end. After all, the alternative to waking up and facing another difficult day is death. For all I know, after death the unenlightened may be sent back to wake up to the glory of the new day and its opportunities.

I want to experience more days and the difficulties and opportunities they will bring. I want the chance to test myself. Maybe this makes me a glutton for punishment, but if I can help one living thing get through the day and not hurt anyone else in the process, I go to sleep thankful for the time I have been given and eager to awaken to tomorrow.
Bernie Siegel
The gift of today
You have a wonderful, beautiful, valuable gift with which you can literally transform your life. That gift is this day you’re now living.
This very day is overflowing with rich and meaningful possibilities. The value of this day is here and now, right in front of you.
Life’s great abundance is here on this day for you to put to good use. Today you can choose, you can learn, you can act, and you can make real progress.
Today has limitless potential. Yet for that potential to be transformed into value, you must make use of the opportunity of today while it is here.
Today is much too valuable to waste. Its magnificent possibilities are already here, so step quickly forward and make the most of them.
Today is a priceless gift that’s yours to live right now. Joyously fill it with your own unique flavor of life and achievement.
 Ralph Marston