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Positive Thoughts & the Faculties of a Soul


The body and its organs are the means of action. The soul is a diamond, the body being the casket for it. When the soul leaves the body, the body is declared to be 'dead'. When the soul has relinquished the body, people say, "The light has gone, that which lived in it has departed.




The Faculties of a Soul


The soul is a living or a sentient thing. It is said to be conscient or living because it can think and reflect and can experience pleasure and pain, so also bliss and peace, and it can bestir itself and make efforts and actions, good or bad. So, the soul is not separate or distinct from the mind, the intellect (Buddhi) and predispositions (Sanskaras).



'Mind' is the name given to the soul's own faculty or function of experiencing pleasure or pain or of desiring and willing; intellect (Buddhi) is the name applied to the soul's own ability to reason out things or to take decisions or to cognise and know; the Sanskaras  mean the effect produced on the soul by the soul's good or bad actions, already done. We can also say that the outlook, tendencies or habits that a man comes to acquire as a result of his actions or the attitude that the soul comes to have is what we mean by Sanskaras or one's  nature (Swabhaava). The insentient Matter does not have any characteristics of desire, thinking, sensation, feeling, cogitation, effort or experience whereas the soul possesses these characteristics.



The soul which uses its will, experience and efforts to good purposes and in righteous ways, is regarded as an elevated soul (Mahaatma), noble soul or 'a holy soul.' The soul which has bad will, ill-feeling or vicious efforts is called a sinful soul (Paapaatma), wicked soul (Duraatmaa) or 'a fallen soul' (Patit Atma). It is due to the soul itself being good or bad that the saying goes that "the soul is its own enemy as well."

Please watch the attached ppt for in depth explanation.

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Positive Thoughts

Let go of Cynicism

"I don't play games! But other people do." When we interpret others' motives & behaviours as games of manipulation & spin, we develop a cynical perspective & become disillusioned. We lose trust & become wary as we watch out for how we may be taken advantage of by others. 

To enjoy the relationships in our life, all cynicism has to go! Just break the tendency of being judgmental towards others. So, this week, get really good at trusting.



Detached Observer

Even when things go wrong, the one with a calm mind is able to see
things for what they are. As the mind is clear and there is nothing
waste and negative, there is clarity in perception. So the full
capability of the intellect is used and clear decisions flow
automatically. Let us watch situations as a detached observer. This
will give us clarity and we will be able to take the right decisions
with ease. Our intuitive capability will work at its best and our
decisions will be right so what we do will be for the best.



The Coexistence Of Love And Freedom

Is it possible to love each other and be free at the same time? Yes. To reach this state in a relationship great wisdom is required. Most people love one another and tie one another down. Thus they lose their freedom. When freedom is lost, happiness goes away, and true wellbeing gives way to unhappiness. Often we look above all for love, a love we believe will change our life. We see it as the recognition of our inner value by another person. However, we trip over ourselves in looking for this love. Necessity is what motivates us and we try to satisfy it with an object or person who matches up to perfection. We have an immense emotional need for love, and the fear of remaining in a state of unsatisfied wanting. In our search to fill our need, we are prepared to deceive ourselves with unsuitable partners. Many people allow the love of another person to define their personality to such a point that, if they are rejected, they lose any sense of who they are and of the purpose they have in life. Often the relationship is colored, through one of the partners or both, by fear.

To free ourselves of the tendency to depend, we should have a strong heart, without any selfishness; a heart that has nothing to hide and that, as a result, is free and without fear; a heart that does not hold on to closed beliefs, to old negative experiences; a heart that has good feelings and is free of bitterness; a heart filled with the true values of peace, love, freedom and solidarity - which as a result is stronger and fuller.





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