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Grow and Move Forward
To help yourself grow and move forward, you need a healthy desire for change and a clear vision of your future aim. Add to this a 'can do' attitude together with lots of energy, time and determination. Now, shout it from the rooftops or balconies- I can do it! - I can ......
Your vision is a blueprint for the kind of life you want to lead.

All you have to do now is visualize what you want, create benchmarks and align them with your heart, your purpose and passion. Then follow that with action.
Ways Of Improving Communication

* Listen with both ears. I should be an active listener by tuning in fully and being present fully with the person and with the moment. If I am not, I listen through one ear and let it out of the other, or I only half listen, which finally creates misunderstandings.

* Understand where the other person is coming from. Do not just assume, imagine or judge; when we do this, our critical vision prevents others from expressing what they wish to say. Then, because of wrong or half-right assumptions, others are not given the possibility to improve, or express, outside the boundaries of what we think of them. To give others a true chance to express themselves, we must not place our own boundaries around them.

* Think before speaking. This is not something new, but however often we hear it, we forget to apply it. To think before speaking means to show consideration to the other and then we say the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

(To be continued tomorrow....)
Soul Sustenance

The Spiritual Seed And The Human World Tree

Spirituality introduces God or the Supreme Being as a seed, a point of reference, the spiritual Pole Star, remembered by all souls all over the world. But over a period of time, with an experience of linking my mind and intellect with Him, we realize that although He is a seed, a point, He is a not a non-living seed but a living one with a unique personality of his own, a personality which no one can match, a personality of spiritual truth, of beauty, of purity, of generosity, of love, of giving, of peace, of humility, of bliss, of power, of sweetness etc. How is this possible? We normally think of a seed as inactive or dormant, despite the enormous potential that lies within it, due to which it gives rise to a complete tree and bears fruits and other products. God is the seed of the human world tree. When I see virtues around me, whether it be in all human souls including deities, prophets, saints and the founders of the great religions or animals or nature, I know that ultimately this comes from God but God is not all pervasive, i.e. he is not present in all humans or nature or in the divine souls, but everything that is good in them comes from the virtues that are present in God or basically from the personality of God (mentioned above), because the tree is the creation of the seed, so all that is positive in the tree has come from the Source, the seed, perhaps sometime in the past. But, despite the goodness which is visible; today, peacelessness and pain do not seem to have reduced, and have probably increased, if we look behind the false covering of material success. The goodness is only in small patches. So what is the need of our times?

To spiritually uplift myself, I, being a part of the creation, a part of the tree, need to catch the positive energy within God, the creator, the seed. This energy is subtle, in that it is non-physical, but it is also glowing like light, and in meditation I can catch that glow, absorb it and feel its spiritual embrace healing me and making me complete or full. At the present moment, recognizing this need, the Supreme Being is shining the light of His personality through pure thought and vibrations more brightly than ever into the human world tree, inviting us: 'Oh sweet child, come and reclaim for yourselves your birthright, the inheritance of truth, by absorbing the qualities inherent in me through meditation or a spiritual link with me and making them your own.'

Message for the day

To have tolerance means to be stable.

Expression: When one is faced with defamation or insult, tolerance gives the power to be stable and cool. And so there is the ability to smile even when there is negativity that comes. Tolerance means to see beyond the insults because of being stable in the stage of self-respect.

Experience: When faced with criticism, if I am able to be stable in my stage of self-respect, I am able to learn from every negative remark that comes my way. I will never become defensive, but will be able to see clearly what new learning I could take.
Your Divine Friend
psychology and spiritual counselor 

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 `Why did I love you `

Why did I love you
With all my heart?
Why did I fall for you
From the start?

Why did you cause me
So much pain?
Why do you stick to my heart
Like a stain that causes so much

Why couldn't I see
You weren't gonna stay?
Why do I still believe
You were gonna take the pain away?

Why did you play with my heart
Like a game?
Why couldn't you ever
Feel the same?

Why do I sit
In my room all alone?
Why do I pray
You would call my phone?

Why did you end it
Right after our few weeks?
Why didn't it bother you
When you made my eyes tear?

Why can't I stop thinking of you,
Why can't I say goodbye
Why do I still get jealous
When I see you with another guy?

Why don't you come back in my life
As soon as I do not let go.
Why do I still get butterflies
When you just say hello?

Why can't I forget about you
And put you in the past?
Why does a part of me still believe
That me and you were made to last?


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 `Release me`
*Music that brings you memories and dreams*
Engelbert Humperdinck (born Arnold George Dorsey; 2 May 1936 in Tamil Nadu,Chennai,India) is a British pop singer,
best known for his hits including "Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)" and "After the Lovin'" as well as "The Last Waltz" ("The Last Waltz with You").


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 `Ham diivaane hain jo baal bikhere phirate hain`
chaand sitaaron se kyaa puchhuun kab din mere phirate hain
vo to bechaare Khud hain bhikaarii Dere Dere phirate hain
jin galiyon mein ham ne sukh kii sej pe raaten kaaTii thiin
un galiyon mein vyaakul hokar saanjh savere phirate hain
ruup-saruup kii jot jagaanaa is nagarii mein jokhim hai
chaaron khuunT baguule ban kar ghor andhere phirate hain
jin ke shaam-badan saaye mein meraa man sustaayaa thaa
ab tak aankhon ke aage vo baal ghanere phirate hain
ko_ii hamein bhii ye samajhaa do un par dil kyon riijh gayaa
tiikhii chitavan baankii chhab vaale bahutere phirate hain
is nagarii mein baaG aur ban kii yaaro liilaa nyaarii hai
panchii apane sar pe uThaakar apane basere phirate hain
log to daaman sii lete hain jaise ho jii lete hain
ham diivaane hain jo baal bikhere phirate hain


Why Goals are SO Hard to Achieve
by Jane Powell

"Goals that you believe in are the ones that really count."
Does the effort you put into achieving your goals feel more like a burden, than a welcome challenge?  This is a sign that your goals are not your own.
You may be trying to live up to the ideals of your spouse, friends or parents. You may even be trying to live up to society's version of success and perfection.
Goals set for you by others may not be realistic. And, the more you strive for goals that are far from your heart, the greater your dissatisfaction and frustration may become.
For you to feel happy inside and out, you must pursue what is important to you.
Never think that what you want is not good enough. It is! As you set and achieve goals that really matter, you will feel more successful, positive and optimistic.
If you give a part
of yourself to life,
the part you receive back
will be so much greater.
Never regret the past,
but learn by it.
Never lose sight of your dreams;
a person who can dream
will always have hope.
Believe in yourself;
if you do, everyone else will.
You have the ability
to accomplish anything,
but never do it at
someone else's expense.
If you can go through life
loving others,
you will have achieved
the greatest success of all.
Judy LeSage

Now is enough
Some people always have enough, and other people never have enough. The difference isn't in what they possess, but in what they need.
There are people with warehouses full of possessions who still don't have enough. And there are people with almost no possessions who have plenty.
When you have a strong sense of need, it gnaws at you constantly and pulls you down. That's much different than being confident in having enough and enjoying the peaceful power it brings.
Yes, there are desires you have that are not yet fulfilled. But do not give up control of your fulfillment by diminishing those desires into needs.
Instead of needing what you desire, treasure the desire itself and the opportunity to fulfill that desire. Allow yourself the powerful confidence that comes from having enough, and from that confidence will come even more.
Whatever you have now is enough for now. Joyfully, thankfully, peacefully accept the wholeness and completeness of your present abundance.
Ralph Marston

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